Maximum file size is 128 MiB and it will be kept for 36 hours.

Content you upload should comply with with Russian Federation's law. Generally speaking, anything illegal, like CP, extremist literature, and so on is forbidden.

Free space

8.861 KiB100 GiB
100 GiB


You can use cURL to upload a file: curl -F 'file=@somefile.ext'

Over I2P: curl --proxy -F 'file=@somefile.ext' http://upload.arav.i2p

A resulted link looks like this: /f/base64rawURL(salted SHA-256)/filename.ext.


You can delete a file using cURL: curl -XDELETE<hash>

Over I2P: curl --proxy -XDELETE http://upload.arav.i2p/<hash>

Privacy statements

Any abuses should be sent to I WILL cooperate with law enforcements and provide them with logs.

Logs include: access time, IP-address, file name it was uploaded/downloaded with, a SHA-256 hash of it, size of it, and User-Agent.